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Real fruits and vegetables packed in a tasty fermented juice

Fermented juice with nutrients and dietary fibre from real fruits and vegetables.

Supports healthier diets, digestion, better bowel movements and antioxidant protection.

Delightful taste of citrus fruits and mixed berries in a convenient sachet!

10 sachets
Made in Taiwan
  • Supplements our Fruits and Vegetables Intake
    Provides essential nutrients and dietary fibre
  • Promotes Digestive Health and Smooth Bowel Movement
    Fibre-rich ingredients with added Inulin and Oligosaccharides
  • Strong Antioxidant Protection
    Contains high SOD*-like (Superoxide Dismutase-like) activity (up to 1 million units/100ml)

*SOD is an enzyme that helps to prevent free radical damage to our body tissues. SODs are important antioxidant defences against oxidative stress and premature ageing!

  1. Drink directly or dilute 1 sachet in 100-300ml of water.
  2. Follow with a full glass of water.
  3. Drink at least 2L of water daily.

Suitable for vegetarians

Certified Halal by Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association

What is the difference between Juiced! and 5-Day Plan?

5-Day Plan is high-fibre and enzyme-rich smoothie drink, which helps to replenish the body with enzymes. It is a holistic plan that supports the body's internal cleansing processes to eliminate waste, helps promote digestion for enhanced nutrition absorption and helps boost metabolism. Juiced! is an antioxidant-rich fermented juice concentrate, which helps to improve bowel movements and supplement unbalanced diets.

Can I consume Juiced! together with 5-Day Plan?

While they can be consumed together, there is no need to. We recommend to consume 5-Day Plan and Juiced! on separate occasions for different targeted benefits. However, should you wish to encourage bowel movements while on the 5-Day Plan, you can consider consuming 1 sachet of Juiced! every 2-3 days as a supplementation product. People who are more sensitive to high-fibre content may need to consider the total fibre intake if both products are consumed together as they are both fibre-rich products.

What is the difference beteween Juiced! and other gut-related products by BWL, eg. Optrimax Zyme, Avance LB-30, Avance Broculin? How do I know which one to take?

Optrimax Zyme has a rich enzymatic profile that provides enzyme replenishment to help with body internal waste cleansing, digestion and metabolism boosting. Additionally, it may also help with gastritis-related conditions and liver protection.

Avance Broculin contains high SGS (Sulforaphane Glucosinolate) content for long-lasting antioxidant benefits that help with cell protection, cell detoxification and anti-inflammation.

Avance LB-30 contains specific strains of probiotics for holistic gut health and balanced gut flora that help with immunity and improving allergy conditions.

Optrimax Juiced! contains fermented fruits and vegetables with rich fibre content for improving bowel movements to alleviate constipation issues. Additionally, it contains high level of antioxidants and is good for supplementing unbalanced diets.

Should I mix Juiced! with lukewarm or cold water?

You can mix Juiced! with room temperature water or cold water. Do not mix Juiced! wth warm or hot liquids or food as the temperature could affect the SOD-like content and antioxidant activity, reducing product effectiveness.

Can I mix Juiced! with other beverages other than water?

Yes, you can mix Juiced! with other beverages as long as they are room temperature and below. For individuals facing bloatedness, it is best to avoid mixing Juiced! with carbonated drinks as it may worsen such conditions.

Do I need to refrigerate Juiced!?

No, it is not necessary to refrigerate Juiced! However, please be reminded to store the product in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Can I drink Juiced! to help with gastric issues?

If you are suffering from gastric issues, your stomach may be more sensitive. We recommend to take Optrimax Zyme or Avance Broculin instead to improve gastric conditions as Juiced! may not have direct benefits for gastric issues.

Is Juiced! suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, Juiced! is suitable for vegetarians.

Can the following groups of individuals consume Juiced!?
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Elderly
  • Children

For elderly, pregnant or breastfeeding women, we recommend to start with lesser amount and gradually increase based on his/her body's adaption to the product.

As each pregnancy condition is unique, we recommend pregnant women to consult their gynaecologist or health care provider before consuming.

For children below 12 years old, we recommend to dilute and consume in lesser amounts. Do note that children aged below 3 years old should not consume Juiced! as their digestive system is still maturing and are more sensitive.

Is Juiced! suitable for those with diabetes?

Yes, Optrimax Juiced! is low in sugar. However, individuals with diabetes should consider the sugar content in Optrimax Juiced! while reviewing their overall sugar intake for the day before deciding to consume. Individuals with severe diabetic conditions often suffer from abnormal gastrointestinal conditions, making them prone to diarrhoea and constipation. Do pause the consumption of Juiced! while experiencing diarrhoea until your gastrointestinal condition returns to normal.

How often should I consume Juiced!?

For regular bowel movements, we recommend to consume 1 sachet a day. For more severe constipation, you can take up to 2 sachets a day. For normal supplementation to diets, we recommend to consume 1 sachet once every 2-3 days.

When is the best time to consume Juiced!?

Juiced! is best taken in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach. If you are suffering from gastritis related conditions, we recommend to dilute Juiced! before consuming or consume after meals.

What are the benefits of consuming Juiced! with Avance LB-30?

Juiced! and Avance LB-30 work synergistically to further improve overall gut health. Avance LB-30 supplies the digestive system with probiotics. Juiced! on the other hand provides prebiotic fibres such as Inulin and Oligossacharides. These help to feed and strengthen probiotics.

Why do I feel constipated after consuming Juiced!?

This could be due to insufficient water consumption. Juiced! has high dietary fibre, and the lack of fluids could cause stools to be hard and difficult to pass out. Always follow with a glass of water after consuming Juiced! and drink up to at least 2L of water a day for adequate liquid intake.

What are some of the physical effects I’d notice after consuming Juiced!?

You may notice increased flatulence, stomach churning and urges to pass motion after consuming Juiced! Most people will experience little to no feelings of stomach pain. Effects experienced by individuals may also vary depending on their physical conditions.

Can I still consume Juiced! if I am allergic to any of the ingredients?

If you are allergic to certain ingredients, always check the product label. If you find that you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed in the product, avoid consuming Juiced!.

Who cannot consume Juiced!?

We strongly encourage all users who are on medication, suffering from a chronic illness or weakened immune system to consult their health care provider before consuming the product. If you encounter any adverse reactions, please stop consuming this product immediately and seek medical advice.

Can I substitute my daily servings of fruits and vegetables with Juiced!?

A balanced diet can be achieved by ensuring sufficient intake amount of fruits and vegetables, as they help to provide essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. Juiced! is produced with a patented fermentation technology to preserve the nutrients and maximise the antioxidant capacity from fruits and vegetables. Despite its rich nutrient profile, it should not be considered as a full replacement for daily fruits and vegetables. We recommend to consume Juiced! as a supplement to existing diets.