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Bringing out the best in broccoli to give you the best well-being
Supports overall well-being with long-lasting antioxidants from premium Broccoli Seed Extract

Fights free radicals, pollutants and toxins with long-lasting antioxidant actions

Increases fibre mass that aids smooth bowel movement

Improves digestive health with fully nourished colon cells and abundant healthy gut bacteria

Promotes calcium absorption, improving bone health

Enhances the feeling of satiety, reducing energy intake

Supports body’s natural resistance and general well-being

Natural goodness that is free from additives and preservatives

10 sticks
Made in Singapore
Is Avance Broculin suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, Avance Broculin is vegetarian-friendly.

Can children take Avance Broculin?

Yes. Consuming Avance Broculin can help promote the growth of good bacteria in their gut to support a heathy digestive system. Children may also take Avance Broculin to help enhance natural resistance and bone development. The liquid form with minimum a taste makes it a delight for children to consume.

Can pregnant women take Avance Broculin?

Yes. Pregnant women may tend to encounter digestive problems, especially constipation. Consuming Avance Broculin regularly can help to prevent these digestive disorders and promote overall wellness in both mother and infant. As each pregnancy condition is unique, we recommend pregnant women to consult their gynaecologist or health care provider before consuming any health supplements.

Can people with diabetes take Avance Broculin?

Yes, we recommend people with diabetes to take Avance Broculin as Inulin can help to regulate blood sugar levels. The natural sweetness of Avance Broculin comes from the FOS-enriched Inulin in Chicory Root extract, with no sugar added.

The frequency of gas release and bowel movements seem to increase after taking Avance Broculin. Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal. The increased frequency of gas release and bowel movements shows that your body is eliminating toxins accumulated in your body and is a positive sign.

Watch how Avance Broculin protects and detoxifies your cells

* Packaging varies across some regions