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Synergistic blend of Enzymes, Probiotics, Prebiotics and Trace Nutrients

Powerful enzymatic activity and breakdown capability boost body metabolism and natural detoxification.

The perfect combination of select probiotics, prebiotics and trace nutrients helps promote a healthy digestive system, protects the liver and reduces cholesterol.

15 sachets
Made in Taiwan

The highly active and stable complex enzymes are naturally produced by fermenting specially-selected fruits with rich enzyme profiles using proprietary microbe strain. Together with choice trace nutrients, Zyme effectively complements our daily diets and brings about multi-benefits.

  • Proprietary Complex Enzymes
    Break food macromolecules down to enhance nutrient absorption at the cellular level, help promote waste elimination and boost body metabolism
  • Proprietary Yeast (Probiotics)
    Source of B-complex vitamins that are essential for metabolism and energy production, helps reduce fat and bad cholesterol in the blood, and helps maintain normal blood sugar level
  • Inulin
    Prebiotic polysaccharide and dietary fibre naturally produced by plant, supporting the growth of good intestinal flora
  • Vitamins and Minerals
    Added as enzyme-activating cofactors to help facilitate body life processes and enhance metabolism

  • Mix 1 sachet of Zyme with 200-250ml of lukewarm or cold water or any fruit juice of your choice in a shaker. Best served cold.

For a tasty smoothie shake, pour 300ml of iced water into a shaker and add 1 sachet each of Punch, Zyme and VG Mix. Shake well and enjoy instantly!

Before starting 5-Day Plan
How should I take the 5-Day Plan?

Mix 1 sachet of VG Mix/Zyme/Punch with 250-300ml of lukewarm or cold water in a shaker. Drink immediately before the fibre settles or becomes jelly-like. Follow with another full glass of water. For a tasty Optrimax Smoothie Shake, pour 300ml of iced water into a shaker and add 1 sachet each of VG Mix, Zyme and Punch. Shake well and enjoy instantly! As this product has a high fibre content, always take with an adequate amount of water.

If I don't consume any other food but just water, vegetables and steamed fish, I will lose weight too. Why should I take the 5-Day Plan?

By reducing carbohydrate intake, eating salads and steamed fish to achieve a desirable weight loss will require a very long period of time. In addition, it may not be a healthy method as it cannot ensure that our daily nutrition needs are met. The lack of various nutrients and enzymes can also lower our body’s metabolism rate. 5-Day Plan advocates the right weight management approach not just by reducing the caloric intake, but introducing enzymes to help the body cleanse, detox and boost the body metabolism naturally. Replenishing enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals in our body, the 5-Day Plan ensures our cells are fully nourished and rejuvenated. Our body is reconditioned and will naturally adjust to a weight most suited for us. 5-Day Plan is a fast-start. After getting the new ‘low’, you can start changing your diet to maintain the new ‘low’ from there.

Can I replace my three meals with 5-Day Plan for 5 days consecutively?

If you wish to undergo body cleansing and detoxification, you can consecutively take the 5-Day Plan once. Before starting the Cleansing phase, please go through the Preparation phase first (Replace your dinner with Optrimax Smoothie Shake–4 days) to prepare the body for the Cleansing stage. Depending on your needs, there are also different recommended regimes that you can follow. This includes Regular Supplement (Replace your breakfast with Optrimax Smoothie Shake every 1-2 days), Regular Detox (Do a 7-day regular detox every 2 months) and Weight Management (Intensive–15 days, Steady–15 days, Extensive–29 days). For more information, please visit "Plans for You" on the Optrimax Guru website.

If I am already at an optimal weight, why should I still take the 5-Day Plan?

5-Day Plan advocates the right weight management approach not just by reducing the caloric intake, but introducing enzymes to help the body cleanse, detox and boost the body metabolism naturally. Replenishing enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals in our body, 5-Day Plan ensures our cells are fully nourished and rejuvenated. Our body is reconditioned and will naturally adjust to a weight most suited for us.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding ladies take the 5-Day Plan? What about diabetics?

As pregnant ladies or breastfeeding mothers need to provide sufficient nutrients for their child, we will generally not recommend them to undergo a 5-day detox or any weight management plans. However, they can take 5-Day Plan products to supplement their daily diets. Besides enhancing their nutrient absorption levels, they will be very helpful for the mothers’ bodies to provide quality nutrients for their child. Alternatively, if a breastfeeding mother is concerned about post-natal weight gain, she can consider taking Optrimax Smoothie Shake to replace breakfast and/or dinner daily. Diabetics can take the 5-Day Plan, but they should monitor their blood sugar levels closely while taking 5-Day Plan, especially for the first 2 days.

If I am on medication or have a medical condition, can I take the 5-Day Plan?

Individuals who are seeing a doctor for a medical condition are advised to discuss the suitability of the 5-Day Plan with their doctor. If you are on short-term medication (e.g. for a cold or flu), we suggest that you start after you recover.

I have high blood pressure. Can I take the 5-Day Plan?

Yes, but individuals with high blood pressure who would like to take the 5-Day Plan should monitor their blood pressure levels closely during the 5-Day Plan, especially for the first 2 days.

I have gastric conditions. Can I take the 5-Day Plan?

Yes, 5-Day Plan may help promote digestive and gastrointestinal health. Individuals who are worried about heartburn or over-secretion of gastric juices due to reduced food intake during the 5-Day Plan can opt to split every Smoothie Shake serving into 2 servings. For example, mix half a sachet each of Punch, Zyme and VG Mix with 150ml of water and drink the Smoothie Shake for breakfast. Follow immediately with a glass of water. After 1 to 2 hours, take another 150ml of Smoothie Shake and follow with another glass of water. Repeat for lunch and dinner.

During the 5-Day Plan
Why do I need to drink so much water during the 5-Day Plan?

It is healthy to drink at least 1.5-2L of water a day. In addition, food largely consists of water. While on the 5-Day Plan, we should try to compensate for the fluid that would otherwise be taken in through food. It’s important to ensure you’re adequately hydrated to prevent dehydration-related symptoms (e.g. headaches, dizziness). Extra fluid also helps the fibre to move through your gut and therefore remove waste products.

Can I exercise during the 5-Day Plan?

Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle and we encourage it! However, it’s not advisable to start a strenuous exercise programme while on the 5-Day Plan, as your body is adjusting and focusing its energy on cleansing efforts. If you are already on a strenuous programme, please consider modifying it while you are on the plan.

Can I drink coffee or tea while on the 5-Day Plan?

For best results, you should try to refrain from drinking coffee or tea while on the 5-Day Plan. If you must, we suggest that you try to limit to half your usual portion and choose a low sugar, no creamer version.

I’m having bloating and constipation while on the 5-Day Plan, is this normal? What should I do?

There may be a few reasons:

  1. a)We are taking less food than usual. Hence, it’s normal for us to have less bowel movement.
  2. b)While on the 5-Day Plan, our body is taking in a much higher amount of fibre than usual. Despite being the optimal daily amount of fibre, our body may not be used to such high fibre levels. Our usual peristaltic movements may not be strong enough to move the high amount of fibre. When the fibre bulk stays in our gut, we may feel bloating, flatulence or even constipation.
  3. c)If our intestines have an excessive number of bad bacteria, the 5-Day Plan will help to build healthy intestinal flora in our gut. When the bad bacteria are being eliminated, there will be a formation of a thicker mucous layer on the intestinal wall which absorbs water from our gut. If we do not drink enough water, we may experience constipation because our gut is absorbing much more water than usual.

To relieve the situation, you may try the following suggestions:

  1. a)Increase water consumption to help move the fibre and maintain the water level in the gut.
  2. b)Do some abdominal exercises and massage which help to stimulate peristaltic movements.
  3. c)Split each Optrimax Smoothie Shake into two servings so that our gut handles less amount of fibre each time.
  4. d)If the situation persists, try taking 2 pieces of Plum Delite before a meal to encourage bowel movement.

Continue taking the 5-Day Plan as our body builds a healthier internal system and environment for us. When our body achieves the optimal balance, the symptoms will go away. For a long-term solution, we should increase our daily fibre intake so that our body can become more conditioned to the high fibre amount.

While taking the 5-Day Plan, why do I always seem to feel a little unwell?

While on the 5-Day Plan, our body’s vitality increases and so does its ability to eliminate built-up toxins. Our body will try to initiate some temporary cleansing reactions and this is commonly mistaken as “it makes me unwell”. Pollutants can leave our system through various ways such as urine, bowels, skin, gas and breath. Some common cleansing reactions and their possible causes include:

Common Cleansing Reactions
Flu-like symptoms (e.g. joint pain, muscle aches, sore throat, chills, nausea)
Skin breakouts
Nasal congestion, mucus
Bad breath, coating on the tongue
Fatigue, dizziness
Bloating, flatulence, diarrhea

These symptoms usually go away in 1 to 3 days depending on the waste levels in our body. This cleansing process is essential to achieve good health and should not be suppressed with drugs. Drink plenty of water to help flush the waste out of the body. Waste elimination via bowel clearing, sweating and urination will help to relieve the situation.

During the 5-Day Plan, I’m having frequent urination and the urine is bright yellow in colour, is this normal?

Pollutants can leave our system through urine. While on a cleansing programme, we may experience more frequent urination which helps to eliminate waste from the body. Urine may be more yellowish in colour as the metabolism rate in our body increases and more metabolism by-products may be eliminated through urine. As Zyme is rich in Vitamin B and taurine, these water-soluble compounds can exist in the urine, causing the urine to be bright yellow.

I’m having a dull headache and body ache that won’t go away while taking the 5-Day Plan. Is this normal?

While on the 5-Day Plan, our body is adjusting to a lower sugar and caloric intake. Our bodies may react differently to this (just like a ‘withdrawal symptom’). Some of us may experience a slight headache, others may feel muscle aches or lower energy levels. It’s our body’s way of ‘complaining and whining’. If you are able to distract yourself from this, that’s great. Otherwise, you may want to pick a little perk-me-up from "The Cheat-Sheet" on the Optrimax Guru website or have a small glass of fresh fruit juice with no added sugar. Insufficient fluid intake may also cause mild dehydration and an ensuing headache. Hence, please ensure you drink the recommended amount of water.

I’m feeling nauseous while on the 5-Day Plan. Is this normal?

There may be a few reasons:

  1. a) While on the 5-Day Plan, our body is eliminating built-up waste. Consequently, the lymph glands may be releasing toxins at a much faster rate which the liver will need to break down. The excess waste may be released with bile into the stomach, causing nausea.
  2. b) Alternatively, if we are experiencing bloating in the gut, this may also cause nausea (please refer to the question concerning bloating and constipation above).

Normal waste elimination that occurs via urine, bowels, skin, gas and breath will also help to relieve the situation.

After the 5-Day Plan
How do I manage my new ‘low’ after the 5-Day Plan?

Our bad food habits were usually the cause of our unhealthy weight. If we revert to the same habits, it would be inevitable that we gain it all back. By looking at the 5-Day Plan as a fast-start programme, you can ride on its results and adopt a healthier lifestyle (e.g. eating the right-sized portions, practising an enzyme-rich diet lifestyle). After successfully completing the 5-Day Plan, many of us also continue to manage our weight by taking the Optrimax Smoothie Shake for either breakfast or dinner (please refer to the "Plans for You" on the Optrimax Guru website).

What if I do not achieve my target weight after the 5 days or if I still have a bit more to lose?

After a round of the 5-Day Plan, if you still have a bit more to lose, we recommend that you take up a second round of the 5-Day Plan a week later. For the second round, you’re going to achieve your new goal much more effortlessly. Alternatively, you may refer to the "Plans for You" on the Optrimax Guru website to meet your ongoing needs.

I used a body fat scale to take my measurements. It showed a higher fat percentage after the 5-Day Plan, is that normal?

Body fat scales use bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to calculate body fat. BIA is based on the theory that fluids within the body have the capacity to carry an electrical current. Fat, on the other hand, is incapable of conducting an electrical current. When turned on, the BIA scale sends a non-detectable current throughout the body which passes freely through the fluids, but encounters resistance when it passes through fat tissue. When set against a person’s height, gender and weight, the scale can then compute the body fat percentage based on the resistance. Hence, the BIA scale can only give an overall gauge and is commonly said to be only accurate within about 3 percent. It also has the tendency to overestimate the body fat percentage of lean individuals and underestimate the percentage of obese individuals. There are also various factors which can influence the accuracy of BIA. For instance, dehydration will result in falsely elevated fat percentage. It is normal that some people may observe higher body fat percentage measured by BIA after the 5-Day Plan. This is because before the 5-Day Plan, visceral fat and fat accumulated around the organs/tissues may not be easily reached and detected by BIA. However, while on and after the 5-Day Plan, the metabolism of fat is promoted. Fats may be released into the blood stream for further metabolism and elimination. These fats in the blood stream will be relatively easier to detect by BIA, and hence resulting in higher body fat percentage.