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Skinrecon T4

Skinrecon T4

Nourished to perfection

Multi-action calming formula combining rich botanicals, antioxidants and soothing actives to renew and nourish skin to perfection.

1 Fl. Oz / 30 ml
Made in USA
Do I have to use Skinlight T3 with Skinrecon T4?

We recommend using Skinlight T3 with Skinrecon T4. Both products are formulated to complement each other. Skinlight T3 stimulates microexfoliation at the skin surface and encourages skin renewal while Skinrecon T4 strengthens the skin and nourishes our skin cells. Both work together to give our skin a healthy looking glow.

For beginners, we recommend to mix Skinlight T3 and Skinrecon T4 together and apply, observing how your skin responds. When skin is more stable, you may opt to use T3 and T4 separately for more intensive treatment. You may consult your skin buddy for advice on the routine that will best suit your current skin condition.

Can I go under the sun after applying Skinrecon T4?

Yes. We strongly recommend to apply sunscreen liberally after using any brightening product or product rich in botanical extracts in the morning. Apply ample amount of sunscreen 15 minutes before sun exposure after applying Skinrecon T4 in the day.

How to use DR's Secret Skinrecon T4 for nourished skin