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Cleansing Cream A1

Cleansing Cream A1

Take away the right things

Calming and hydrating makeup remover with unique blend of natural antioxidants, nutritive herbal extracts and peptides. Protects skin's natural oil.

5 Fl. Oz / 148 ml
Made in Korea
What is the difference between Cleansing Cream A1 and Cleanser 1?

Cleansing Cream A1 is a makeup remover that gently removes makeup and impurities while protecting the skin's natural oil and hydrating the skin. Cleanser 1 is a daily facial wash cleanser. It is hydrating and calming, leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh without feeling uncomfortably tight. Use Cleansing Cream A1 followed by Cleanser 1 for your night cleansing routine.

After using Cleansing Cream A1, do I still need to follow with DR's Secret Cleanser 1?

Yes. Cleansing Cream A1 and Cleanser 1 are designed for different purposes. As your first cleansing step, we recommend that you use Cleansing Cream A1 to remove your makeup, sunscreen residue or dust and impurities on face. This can be followed by facial washing with Cleanser 1 for fresh, clean skin.

Is Cleansing Cream A1 suitable for oily skin?

Yes, Cleansing Cream A1 is a gentle and moisturising makeup remover that does not clog pores and is suitable for most skin types.

Can Cleansing Cream A1 be used to remove eye makeup?

Cleansing Cream A1 may not be suitable for the removal of waterproof eye makeup.

How to use Aestier Cleansing Cream A1