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Cleanser 1

Cleanser 1

Skin that breathes

Calming and hydrating cleansing gel with botanical ingredients and Vitamin C. Gently cleanses without leaving the skin feeling tight. Suitable for most skin types.

1.7 Fl. Oz / 50 ml
4 Fl. Oz / 118 ml
Made in Korea
Is Cleanser 1 suitable for all skin types?

Yes, the gentle formula makes Cleanser 1 suitable for most skin types.

Can Cleanser 1 be used as a makeup remover?

We recommend using Cleansing Cream A1 to remove makeup. This can be followed by facial washing with Cleanser 1 for fresh, clean skin.

Is it necessary to foam Cleanser 1 before use? How do I create a thick foamy lather for Cleanser 1? Can I use a foaming net?

The deep cleansing properties of Cleanser 1 is activated when a rich foam is created. By gently massaging the foam on your skin, it acts as a net that helps to trap and draw out the dirt and impurities on our skin.

To foam up Cleanser 1 easily, wash your hands with soap and ensure that your hands are clean. Dispense an appropriate amount of Cleanser 1 onto palms and emulsify with a small amount of water, using the fingertips to lather gently in big circles.

Keep lathering by adding small amounts of water. Good foam texture will not drop or slide off your palms. You may watch our tutorial here: How to foam DR's Secret Cleanser 1 correctly

If you are unfamiliar with the foaming technique at the start, you may opt to use a foaming net to help. Do ensure that your foaming net is clean before use.

How to use DR's Secret Cleanser 1 in your cleansing routine