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AR Essence A3

AR Essence A3

Speaks to your skin, rescues your youth

Revolutionary E-Factor™ peptide in a freeze-dried tab. Targets skin's ageing process, arresting fine lines and encouraging skin renewal.

1 Fl. Oz / 30 ml
Made in USA
Why do I need to use AR Essence A3 to dissolve the Age Arrest A3 tabs? Can I use another product or water to dissolve the tab?

We strongly recommend to use AR Essence A3 to dissolve Age Arrest A3 tabs. This is because AR Essence A3 is specially formulated to complement and activate Age Arrest A3 for optimum results. When used together, the solution forms unique molecular (Cochleate) structures that protect the activated peptide while optimising its absorption into the skin.

At what age should I start using Age Arrest A3 set?

There is no restriction on when you can start using Age Arrest A3 set. First signs of ageing generally become apparent at the age of 25. Introducing anti-ageing products into your skin care routine at this age can act as a preventive measure.

The rate at which your skin ages depends on your genetics, environment, skin colour, UV exposure, and lifestyle. You may opt to introduce Age Arrest A3 into your skin care routine earlier upon noticing signs of ageing.

2 ways to apply Aestier Age Arrest A3 set