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Super EPA 2000

Super EPA 2000

Premium Fish Oil – feel it in every heartbeat
Fish Oil molecularly-distilled twice for best circulatory support and mental performance

Help to reduce triglycerides levels1

Support brain functions- improve mental dexterity and concentration2

Essential for maintenance of visual functions3

30 softgels
Made in USA
Can children take Avance Super EPA 2000?

Yes, Avance Super EPA 2000 contains DHA essential for children’s brain and eye development. You may wish to squeeze out the content of the softgel to make it easier for your child to consume.

Can pregnant women take Avance Super EPA 2000?

Yes. we recommend pregnant women to take Avance Super EPA 2000 especially during the third trimester to help with the infant's brain development. Studies showed that infants whose mothers supplemented with DHA during their pregnancy enjoyed better brain health as soon as they were born. Studies also showed stronger visual and problem-solving skills of such infants as they progressed into their childhood. As each pregnancy condition is unique, we recommend pregnant women to consult their gynaecologist or health care provider before consuming any health supplements.

Is Avance Super EPA 2000 suitable for vegetarians?

No, Avance Super EPA 2000 contains ingredients from animal sources.

Should I take ProDHA or Super EPA 2000? What are the differences?

Avance ProDHA and Super EPA 2000 contain both DHA and EPA. Avance ProDHA contains higher DHA amount while Avance Super EPA 2000 contains higher EPA amount. DHA mainly helps to support brain functions and mental performance while EPA mainly helps to support circulatory health and reduce triglycerides levels. Avance ProDHA is suitable for those who wish to improve their concentration, brain and visual performance while Avance Super EPA 2000 is suitable for those targeting to improve circulatory health.

See how Super EPA 2000 makes a difference

* Packaging varies across some regions

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