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Intimeds FemWash

Intimeds FemWash

Moisturising care for intimate hygiene
Vitamin-enriched moisturising wash for delicate intimate hygiene

pH 3.5 Shields the naturally acidic flora balance

Hypoallergenic Delicately cleanses without irritation

Odour-Blocking Gives long-lasting feeling of freshness

Discharge-Calming Protects against abnormal discharge

Moisturising Moisturises and prevents dryness

Made in USA
Do I have to use FemWash every day?

It is recommended to use FemWash daily for everyday hygiene and the protection of your natural intimate balance.

What are the main functions of FemWash?

FemWash cleanses and freshens the intimate area for feminine hygiene. The pH 3.5 formula helps preserve the natural intimate balance while combating unpleasant odours and abnormal discharge. It also moisturises the intimate area to prevent dryness.

Can I use FemWash during my menstrual period?

Yes. It is recommended to continue using FemWash during menstrual period. Blood, sweat or urine can make a conducive environment for overgrowth of harmful bacteria at the intimate area. As such, during menstrual period, we require extra care in intimate hygiene to keep the area clean and refreshed.