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Miraglo Face

High-precision exfoliation for perfectly refined and glowing skin

Ultrafine microfibre cloth ensures precise and non-abrasive exfoliation

Sloughs off and removes dead skin cells to uncover smooth glowing skin

Allow better absorption of skin care products

1 Piece / 3 Pieces
Made in France

Rinse Miraglo Face before use.

Spread cleanser foam over the entire face.

Massage gently with Miraglo Face in circular or upward-lifting strokes.

Rinse face thoroughly. Follow with your normal skin care routine.

Suggested Routine:

Use 2 to 3 times a week for normal or oily skin and 1 to 2 times monthly for sensitive skin

Can I use Miraglo Face daily?

Depending on your personal skin needs, you can use Miraglo Face daily provided that you use it together with the mild and gentle cleansing formula of DR’s Secret Cleanser 1 and reduce the frequency when your skin’s condition improves. However, it is generally recommended to exfoliate with Miraglo Face 2-3 times weekly and 1 – 2 times a month if you have sensitive skin.

How is Miraglo Face different from other exfoliation products in the market?

The microfibre technology of Miraglo exfoliates with high precision and gentleness, unveiling a brighter skin tone and instantly visible smoothness. Unlike common exfoliation products in the market which perform ineffective and damaging exfoliation with rough beads, dermabrasion or chemical peels, Miraglo Face exfoliates in a safe, gentle yet effective manner, without chemical intrusion or injuring the skin’s deeper layer, making it safe for regular use.

Can I use Miraglo Face on other parts of my body, apart from face?

Yes. You can use Miraglo Face to perform exfoliation for your body.

What kind of immediate results can I observe?

With proper use, you should be able to observe instantly visible smoothness and brighter skin.

How long can a piece of Miraglo Face last for?

It is recommended to replace Miraglo Face after 2 months.

Can all my family members share using one piece of Miraglo Face?

No. For hygiene purpose, a single piece should not be shared by different users.

How should I take care of and maintain my Miraglo Face?

After use, wash Miraglo Face with mild detergent and rinse well. Hang to dry. Do not use fabric softeners, bleach or hot water to wash. Replace Miraglo Face after 2 months.

How to use Miraglo with DR's Secret Cleanser 1 for glowing skin