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Sunscreen Matte 5M

Sunscreen Matte 5M

Brave the sun in matte fresh skin

High protection suncreen that builds a protective shield with mattifying effect for shine control. SPF 30, PA+, water-resistant

1 Fl. Oz / 30ml
Made in Korea
What is the difference between Sunscreen 5 and Sunscreen Matte 5M?

Sunscreen 5 gives a natural dewy finish while Suncreen Matte 5M gives a fresh matte finish and provides better oil control for those with oilier skin. Sunscreen 5 contains SPF 30 with a PA+++ rating. Sunscreen Matte 5M contains SPF 30 with a PA+ rating.

Is SPF 25 sufficient for outdoor activity?

Yes. Generally, applying sunscreens with SPF 25 liberally on skin can offer sufficient protection for outdoor activities. We recommend applying sunscreen liberally 15 minutes before going outside. Frequent reapplication (at least every two hours) is recommended if you are directly under the sun, or immediate replenishment after swimming or excessive sweating is also necessary.

I always stay indoors during day time. Do I still need to apply sunscreen?

Yes, UV rays can penetrate through windows as well. We recommend you to apply sunscreen in the day even though you may be staying indoors most of the time.

How frequent should I reapply sunscreen in a day?

Our skin secretes sweat and sebum and combined with physical contact throughout the day, it is inevitable that our layer of sunscreen may be worn off. Hence, it is recommended to reapply sunscreen frequently as and when needed. If you are outdoors, reapply at least every two hours. Immediate replenishment after swimming or excessive sweating is also necessary.

Do I need to cleanse my face again before I reapply sunscreen? Can it be applied on top of makeup?

If you are outdoors and do not have any makeup on, use a facial tissue to dab away sweat or any excessive sebum on the surface. Use an oil blotter if necessary. Follow with your sunscreen reapplication.

If you are wearing makeup, we recommend to reapply sunscreen with a cushion applicator after removing any visible dirt on the face. This method affects your makeup less and gives a more even coverage. Depending on your condition, you may wish to touch up on your makeup after.

How to use DR's Secret Sunscreen Matte 5M to ensure sufficient protection