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Your daily skin-perfecting companion combining four unique technologies in one device to reveal healthy luminous skin.

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Is LIF suitable for all skin types?

Yes, LIF is suitable for most skin types. Please ensure that you are using suitable products for your skin and use LIF with the correct massaging techniques. We recommend pairing LIF with your DR's Secret skin care routine for boosted results.

If you have acne skin, we recommend to use only Blue Light mode to help kill bacteria and soothe inflamed skin. Use the pause-and-hold method instead of gliding the device against your skin. Once your acne condition has improved, you may use other modes in LIF with gliding technique according to your needs.

At what age can I start using LIF?

You may start using LIF anytime from puberty onwards. During puberty, our skin produces excess oil, resulting in clogged pores, acne and inflammation. LIF can help to soothe irritated skin and increase the efficiency of your skin care routine. Those who wish to boost their skin care routine for quicker results may also start using LIF.

Can I use LIF near my eye area?

Yes. Apply eye cream evenly around the eye area and use B or L mode to massage. You may use the gliding or pause-and-hold technique, taking care not to press too hard and not to shine the light directly into your eyes. If you have any existing eye conditions, history of light sensitivity or have recently undergone any eye procedure or surgery, please exercise care and avoid using LIF. You should recover completely before using LIF near your eyes.

If I have broken skin or open wounds on my face, can I use LIF?

If you have stitches on your face or your wound is deep and bleeding, you should not use LIF. Recover completely before using LIF.

Can I use LIF if I have severe acne?

If you have acne skin, we recommend to use only Blue Light mode to help kill bacteria and soothe skin. Use the pause-and-hold method instead of gliding the device against your skin. Once your acne condition has improved, you may use other modes in LIF with gliding technique according to your needs.

I just went for facial extraction and my face is very red and inflamed. Can LIF help my skin to recover?

We recommend using Blue Light mode to help kill bacteria so that your skin may recover faster. Blue Light is also soothing for irritated skin.

How often should I use LIF for best results?

You may refer to our website for recommendations on how to use LIF to achieve different purposes in your skin care routine:

Can I use my own skin care products instead of DR's Secret products with LIF?

Yes, you may use your skin care products as long as they are in liquid form. The products should be able to facilitate gliding motion.

Can I use LIF on my neck?

Yes, we recommend applying any anti-ageing serum on your neck and use V, B or L mode. Glide LIF in an upwards motion for lifting effects. For lymphatic drainage, glide downwards, moving from the neck to the chest and to the armpits.

I feel a tingling sensation on my skin when using LIF. Is that normal?

Yes, it is normal for some individuals to experience tingling sensations when using LIF. To prevent such occurences, ensure that you apply sufficient skin care products and the massage head is always in full contact with your face.

Can I use LIF on my scalp and body?

There are no problems with using LIF on your scalp or body. However, as LIF is customised for facial use, it may not be as effective when used on the scalp or body.

Are there any UV rays emitted from the LIF device?

No, there are no UV rays emitted from LIF. LIF has undergone vigorous testing to ensure that no UV rays or radiation are emitted.

Will the red LED light emitted from the LIF device be harmful to the eyes?

DR’s Secret LIF uses light-emitting diodes (LED) that are classified as “Exempt” under International Electrical Commission standard 62471 (IEC 62471, Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems), and thus do not pose any photobiological hazard. While it is known that some medications may result in photosensitivity, LEDs are generally safe for healthy and unmedicated persons. Nevertheless, please avoid prolonged direct eye contact with the device LEDs when they are turned on.

Can I use sheet masks with LIF?

Yes, apply your sheet mask and use Light (red, yellow or blue) mode. Adopt the pause-and-hold technique with your sheet mask on. After you remove the mask, use B or L Mode to help increase absorption of your sheet mask actives.

Can I wash LIF under running water?

No. Washing LIF under running water will damage the device. Wipe the device head with a wet towel or alcohol-free wet tissue after each use. Dry with cotton or tissue. Pay extra attention to wipe the grooves on the device head.

DO NOT put device under running water. Place the device face down on a dry cloth or tissue. This will help to pull and drain out any remaining solution. Cleaning the device correctly after use ensures the device's durability and performance.

The titanium-coated massage head on my LIF device look rusty and corroded. What should I do?

Titanium is inert to the human body and has high biocompatibility. Do not scrub the titanium-coated massage head with metal scrub or use harsh detergent on them as this could remove the inert material and result in wear and tear. This makes the device more prone to corrosion. Proper maintenance is required after each use to keep your device in good working condition. Clean the massage head gently with a wet towel and dry tissue, taking extra care when cleaning the grooves between the titanium-coated massage head.

Is LIF's massage head hypoallergenic?

Yes, LIF's massage head is made from high density material and titanium-coated poles. It is safe for most skin types. However, if you experience any discomfort or suspect you are having an allergic reaction, discontinue the use of LIF immediately.

How soon will I see results after using LIF?

Results vary with individuals depending on your skin type and the severity of your skin concerns. For users with normal skin or mild concerns, you may see results in a few sessions. For users with severe skin concerns, it may take more treatments to see results.

The lifespan of our skin cells is approximately 28 days. By using LIF daily with suitable skin care products, you should expect to see results within 28 days for most users.

Can I use LIF if I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant or suspected to be pregnants, please consult your health care provider before using LIF.

Can I use LIF if I have metal tooth fillings or am fitted with metal medical devices?

Please note that LIF emits low level electric currents during use. DO NOT use LIF if you are fitted with a pacemaker or similar device.

If you have cardiac or heart conditions, or have a metal implant, metallic dental fixture or filling in your body, please consult your doctor before use.

Can I use my own power adaptor to charge LIF?

LIF adaptor uses a 5V/2A power plug. This ensures that the device is charged quickly and efficiently. We recommend that you charge LIF using the power adaptor provided. You can use the device for treatment when charging.

If you wish to use your own adaptor, please ensure that the maximum voltage and current do not exceed beyond 5.5V/2.5A. For adaptors with voltage and current less than 5V/2A, it will take a longer time to fully charge your device (approx. 1-2 hours more). As such, we do not recommend using LIF for treatment while charging on such power adaptors. The power output is not sufficient to support the device and may cause overheating.

e.g., Power adaptor with 5V/2A power – can be used to charge DR’s Secret LIF. Able to do treatment while charging.
e.g., Power adaptor from 5V/2A to 5.5A/2.5A- can be used to charge DR’s Secret LIF. Able to do treatment while charging.
e.g., Power adaptor with less than 5V/2A power (such as USB charging station) – takes a longer time to fully charge DR’s Secret LIF. Recommended not to use for treatment while charging.

*As we cannot ensure the quality of the USB ports and power adaptors that you wish to use, we highly encourage that you use only the USB cable and power adaptor that is provided with the device.*

My LIF device is not charging.

The LIF device will charge even if the device is switched off. You may refer to the battery indicator light to check the battery status.

How long do I have to charge LIF for?

The average charging time is 1.5 hours if you are plugging it directly into the electric socket. If you wish to charge via USB port on your computer, it will take about 4.5 hours of charging time.

*Note that the electric power output of every USB port varies. Please check the USB power output specifications and the output value of each USB port before charging. Lower power output will lead to a longer charging time of LIF.*

How do I check the charging status of my LIF device?

The battery indicator light on the right side of the device will signal the battery status. Green colour indicates that the battery is fully charged. Yellow colour indicates that the battery level is moderate. Red indicates that the battery level is low and you will need to charge where possible. Blinking red light indicates that the battery is close to being fully discharged and may shut down automatically during use. This applies to when you are charging the device. You will not be able to switch on the device while it is blinking red light during charging.

I am a beautician and I wish to use LIF on my customers. How do I do that?

When using LIF on others, using with the Professional Wristband designed for LIF will maximise its benefits. Put on the wristband on your customer’s wrist and plug the cable into the LIF Professional Wristband terminal. The wristband closes the iontophoresis loop and allows you to do treatment on your customers without the need of having body contact with your customer.

The LIF Professional Wristband is sold separately. Please contact your regional store for more information.

What is the difference between LIF and Touch?

LIF encompasses 4 different technologies namely Near Infrared, Iontophoresis, LED and Radio Frequency to work in tandem to unveil healthier and luminous skin. It is best used for enhancing nutrient penetration, stimulating collagen production and soothing irritated skin.

Touch acts to mimic a home-based aesthetic treatment. It combines 5 technologies namely: 3D Vertical Vibration, Iontophoresis, Magnetic Therapy, Colour Therapy and Sound Therapy. It is best used for facial massage and enhancement of blood circulation.

How to use DR's Secret LIF to transform your skin care routine