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Eye Cream

Eye Cream

Eyes that speak

Intensive formula with unique blend of plant extracts and growth factor-mimicking peptides. Helps combat fine lines and puffy eyebags to achieve refreshed and bright-looking eyes.

0.5 Fl. Oz / 15 ml
Made in Korea
Do I need to use Eye Cream for my eye care routine? Can I use a moisturiser instead?

The skin around the eye area is more thin and delicate. Using a moisturiser may be too overly nourishing for the eye area and cause milia. We recommend you to use Eye Cream or eye products that are specially formulated to care for the skin around the eye area.

At what age should I start using Eye Cream?

You may start using Eye Cream anytime depending on your skin condition and needs. If you are satisfied with your current condition, you may choose to add Eye Cream into your daily routine at a later time.

Take note that age is not the only factor that affects your skin's condition. Other factors such as unbalanced diet, overworked eyes, frequent late nights, lack of sleep and genetics will affect our skin. The skin around the eyes are extremely delicate, so once dark circles and fine lines are formed, these problems are more stubborn and take more effort to resolve.

How to use Aestier Eye Cream for effective eye care