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HA Jelly

HA Jelly

Skin-deep hydration in a tasty easy stick
Super-hydration for supple youthful skin, from the inside out

Improves skin hydration, for baby-soft, moist and smooth skin

Plumps and nourishes skin for a healthy, 'bouncy', youthful complexion

Prevents premature collagen and elastin breakdown

21 sticks
Made in Taiwan
Is Avance HA Jelly suitable for vegetarians?

Avance HA Jelly is vegetarian-friendly.

Can pregnant women take Avance HA Jelly?

Avance HA Jelly can help to hydrate skin and alleviate skin problems that may occur during pregnancy. As each pregnancy condition is unique, we recommend pregnant women to consult their gynaecologist or health care provider before consuming any health supplements.

Can people with diabetes take Avance HA Jelly?

Avance HA Jelly contains 2.03g of sugar per serving. Those with diabetes should consider the sugar content in Avance HA Jelly while reviewing their overall sugar intake for the day before deciding to consume.

What is the difference between Avance HA Jelly and Avance Collagen Plus?

Avance HA Jelly helps to hydrate and nourish the collagen fibres in our skin while Avance Collagen Plus helps to promote collagen synthesis. Both are complementary to each other and we recommend taking both to help skin look firm and radiant.

* Packaging varies across some regions