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A respite for your body

Inspired by nature's therapeutic properties, PentaLab body care series uses natural plant extracts to create effective potent formulas that bring gentle soothing comfort and refreshing relief to your body.

PentaLab Hygiene Gel
hygiene gel

Non-drying hand sanitiser with hints of fresh citrus mint

Effective in killing common germs and viruses
Leaves hands feeling fresh, moisturised and smooth
Refreshing citrus mint fragrance with minimal antiseptic odour
Rinse-free, dries quickly without any sticky residue

Content: 95ml

PentaLab Balancing Oil
balancing oil

A multi-purpose essential oil blend for soothed clear skin

Soothes infected areas such as cuts, burns, insect bites, eczema and rashes
Clarifies skin
Calms and restores freshness of mind

Content: 30ml

PentaLab BodyCream
plum delite
Energising formula with soothing Eucalyptus aroma for a stress-free, refreshed you

Release the knots of stress and tension of the skin and muscles
Moisturises and softens the skin, while delivering calming and soothing effects
Protects the skin from oxidisation and UV damage

Content: 300 ml

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