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At BWL, we provide you with vast business opportunities and the best tools for success. iKASH comprises
Business Inspiration, Life Harmony, Life Empowerment, Business System and The Best Life courses.

Business Inspiration

Courses with end-digit 1 (101, 201, 301) explore BWL’s unique Business Inspiration.

101 Entrepreneur Enlightenment
201 Entrepreneur Orientation
301 Entrepreneur Enrichment

Life Harmony

Courses with end-digit 2 (102, 202, 302) arm you with deeper Knowledge about health, good living practices and key benefits of BWL’s products.

102 Product Workshop
202 Product Knowledge
302 Nutrition Knowledge

Life Empowerment

Courses with end-digit 3 (103, 203, 303) cultivate Attitude. Sign up for meaningful journey of self-discovery!

103 Life Empowerment I
203 Life Empowerment II
303 Life Empowerment III

Business System

Courses with end-digit 4 (104, 204, 304) help develop your professional business Skills.

104 Sales Techniques
204 G Team Marketing
304 Network Management

The Best Life

Courses with end-digit 5 (105, 205, 305) teaches you ways to convert humanistic values and ideals into concrete actions and Habits.

105 The Best Life (Beginner)
205 The Best Life (Intermediate)
305 The Best Life (Advanced)