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Hectic schedules take a toll on your body. Avance offers an extensive range of products that can give you renewed vitality and vigour to tackle the daily stressors.


Supports overall well-being with long-lasting antioxidants from premium Broccoli Seed Extract

SGS (Sulforaphane Glucosinolate, also known as Glucoraphanin) is a powerful antioxidant and cell protector present in Broccoli. Using carefully-selected Broccoli Seeds which exceed 12 times SGS content of matured broccoli, 1 serving of Broculin amounts to more than 200g of raw broccoli, giving antioxidant protection of up to 72 hours, which is 24 times longer than other common antioxidants!

Fortified with precise balance of natural Inulin and FOS, Broculin contains the clinically proven dosage for total gut health and enhanced calcium absorption, while promoting bowel movement.

Fights free radicals, pollutants and toxins with long-lasting antioxidant actions
Increases fibre mass that aids smooth bowel movement
Improves digestive health with fully nourished colon cells and abundant healthy gut bacteria
Promotes calcium absorption, improving bone health
Enhances the feeling of satiety, reducing energy intake
Supports body’s natural resistance and general well-being

Content: 10 sachets

Made in Singapore

Halal authority in Singapore

Joint Comfort
joint comfort

Joint health formula supplemented with antioxidants for better comfort

Our daily activities contribute to the wear and tear of our joints. Joint Comfort combines 2 efficacious ingredients Glucosamine and Chondroitin to replenish and nourish these delicate areas.

Reduce joint discomfort
Protect joints from natural degeneration
Replenish joints with necessary nutrients for cartilage building
Time-release formula ensures constant supply of antioxidants over an extended period

Content: 90 tablets

Made in USA

Liqui Cal / Mag
liqui cal / mag

A revolutionary liquid supplement to boost your daily Calcium needs

Calcium is best absorbed when taken with Magnesium in a ratio of 2:1. Liqui Cal/Mag is formulated to enhance the absorption of calcium for maximal benefits!

Maintain healthy bones and teeth
Boost your collagen and tissue development for better physical dexterity
Help to relax the body and ease lethargy

Content: 30 softgels

Made in USA

dors 2 / dors 5

Imperial health formula for strength and vitality

DORS is the acronym for Dynastic Organs Revitaliser System, which is an ancient imperial herbal formula. DORS presents the efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in hassle-free capsules that are convenient for consumption.

Support your body's natural defence system
Removal of wastes and bio-accumulations from the body
Revitalisation of body functions and reduction in lethargy

Content: 30 capsules

Made in Singapore

Halal authority in Singapore

One Plus A Day
one plus a day

Vegetarian-friendly multi-vitamin and mineral formula for optimal body performance

Modern life comes with many pressures and we may not consume sufficient nutrients for our body's needs. One Plus A Day is a multi-vitamin and mineral formula that packs all your essential nutrient needs into one convenient tablet.

Assist in cell repair and regeneration
Help maintain skin elasticity for a good complexion
Promote formation of strong bones and teeth
Enhance the body's natural resistance
Support various body processes and functions
Antioxidant properties

Content: 60 tablets

Made in USA

Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association
i-Care Gold

Tasty antioxidant-rich formula for superior eye health support

We all use our eyes for long hours every day. Taking care of our eyes becomes highly important as myopia, dry eyes, redness and age-associated eye diseases (such as cataracts and glaucoma) become more prevalent.

i-Care Gold provides essential eye nutrients with added antioxidants to help to maintain and better support eye health.

It comes in a tasty blueberry-flavoured powder form that makes it an easy-to-consume delightful treat for both children and adults.

Supports eye health and vision maintenance
Helps protect against eye diseases such as cataracts and age macular degeneration
Helps relieve eye discomfort such as eye strain, fatigue and dryness

Content: 10 and 30 sticks

Made in Korea

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