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Get a New ‘LOW’!

Optrimax offers a range of effective weight management products that are gentle because they work simply by optimising your inherent body processes. Lead the life you desire without any compromise to your busy schedule with these products that can be easily integrated into your lives.

Jelly Delite
jelly delite
Tasty fruit jelly packed with Prebiotics and Green Tea for a better digestive aid!

A first-of-its-kind Green Tea jelly for light-weight sensation!
Formulated with premium Green Tea Extract that helps with fat burning and weight management.
Natural Inulin supports growth of beneficial bacteria and maintains a good intestinal environment.
Available in 3 flavours: Apple, Blueberry and Strawberry.
Tasty, easy, zero-fat and all in one go!

Content: 130 grams (10 sachets)

Certified Halal by Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association

VG Mix
plum delite
Nature's wholesome mix - Veggie Greens, Grains and a whole lot more!

Complement modern diets that commonly lack greens and fibre with
  quality grains and greens blend
Support optimal health with naturally complete and balanced nutrition and
  rich phyto-nutrient content
Help promote a healthy digestive system with its high fibre content

Content: 330 grams (15 sachets)

plum delite
Synergistic blend of Enzymes, Probiotics, Prebiotics and Trace Nutrients!

Help achieve a weight most suited for our body by boosting metabolism
  and ensuring effective waste elimination
Support digestive health and effective nutrient absorption with proprietary
  complex enzymes
Help reduce fat and bad cholesterol with proprietary yeast
Promote intestinal health with the plant-origin prebiotics - inulin

Content: 150 grams (15 sachets)

plum delite
Tasty goodness from the fermentation brew of Natural Fruits!

Promote intestinal flora balance with naturally rich fructo-oligosaccharide
  (FOS) content
Support general well-being with fermentation brew
Natural goodness to enhance taste of Optrimax Smoothie Shake

Content: 300 grams (15 sachets)

Plum Delite
plum delite

Pickled Plum with Probiotics and Tea Mix for an effective source of dietary fibre!

  • A zero-fat delicious source of fibre.
  • Probiotics helps fight against harmful bacteria to maintain a desirable balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut, thereby helping to maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Formulated with Green tea and Pu-er tea mix.

Content: 460 grams & 150 grams

Certified Halal by Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association

Slow Juicer
plum delite

Cold-pressed juice with great taste and maximised nutrients!

  • DECT™ (DualEdge Cold-Press Technology) processes a wider variety of foods and yields more juice with less loss.
  • The lowest-speed operation (47 RPM) greatly preserves enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in foods.
  • Made of highly-durable Ultem for semi-permanent use.
  • Operates with almost no noise and vibration.
  • Only starts operation when equipment is securely locked.
  • Consumes 5 times less energy as compared to a typical high-speed juicer.
  • Allows quick rinsing by pouring water into running machine, and easy disassembly and cleaning.
Content: 1 unit

Body Gel
anti-cellulite body gel

Achieve a toned physique without breaking a sweat!

  • Fight cellulite inside-out with metabolism-enhancing Guarana extracts
  • Effectively eliminate stubborn pockets of cellulite with deeper gel penetration
  • Achieve a sculpted body with little effort
Content: 75ml

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