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Natural Resistance

Prevention is better than cure. Enhancing your natural resistance is the best health investment. With a stronger defence system, you can enjoy the benefits of your strength and vitality. Appropriate intake of nutrients can do wonders for your health!


Healthy water for everyone, everywhere

It was discovered that the people of Okinawa enjoy longevity and good health because the water they drink is mildly alkaline and contains high levels of calcium ions. It was revealed that the crucial factor in maintaining good health is for the body fluids to have the right pH!

SangoCal maintains the ideal pH for the body fluids and replenishes the minerals that are often depleted in treated drinking water.

Increase pH of beverages to maintain body fluids at optimal mildly-alkaline condition
Neutralise the taste and smell of chlorine in water
Excellent source of ionic minerals which are absorbed better and faster by the body

Content: 30 sachets

Made in USA

Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association


Enhance your body's resistance with natural Colostrum

ImmuGain is made of Colostrum, a highly beneficial substance also known as 'first milk' that is produced within the first 48 hours after a cow gives birth to its calf. It contains vital nutrients, growth factors, antibodies and immune factors that help to strengthen our body resistance.

High Immunoglobulin G levels support your body's natural resistance
Contains a wide variety of immune factors
High quality Colostrum, free from harmful pesticides, antibiotics and hormones
Special V-Caps encapsulation made from organic plant origin (vegetarian-friendly)

Content: 60 capsules

Made in New Zealand

Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association


A key fruit to immunity and stress management

The Noni fruit is known to be a 'natural healer', used traditionally for many years to help with a variety of health conditions.

NoniMax uses Noni fruit harvested from Hawaii with a 20:1 fruit to powder ratio. This means that 20 kg of Noni fruit is used to produce 1 kg of pure Noni powder, thus ensuring concentrated benefits in a convenient capsule.

Provides immune support
Helps improve stress management and promote better sleep quality
Helps regulate blood sugar levels

Content: 30 capsules

Made in Singapore

Halal authority in Singapore

Chewable Zinc
chewable zinc

Resistance builder for increased energy and faster recovery

Zinc is an essential mineral that performs many functions in the body. Chewable Zinc is a cherry-flavoured tablet that helps to replenish and maintain sufficient zinc amounts in our body.

Helps strengthen our body's natural resistance
Maintains healthy cells
Supports body's recovery processes
Supports normal functioning of vision, smell and taste
Promotes hormonal balance
May help with acne skin

Content: 30 tablets

Made in Taiwan

Vitamin C
chewable vitamin c

Enhanced peach-flavoured formula gentler on the stomach

Formulated to be gentle on the gastric, each tablet provides 500mg of Vitamin C, equivalent to 10 fresh oranges. In a refreshing natural peach flavor, Vitamin C provides the ideal immunity and antioxidant boost for young and old!

Support the body's immunity and tissue repair
Help to maintain healthy gum and teeth
Improve collagen synthesis for a healthy complexion

Content: 30 tablets

Made in Taiwan

Certified Halal by Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Associate

v propolis

Natural resistance builder with organic ingredients

Propolis is the natural material used by bees to maintain and protect them from bacteria and infections. The same active components of propolis are carefully extracted with their bio-activity preserved to produce the V-Propolis that beings about great health benefits.

Support your body's natural defence system
Boost energy levels
Promote good vision and alertness
Help soothe and ensure proper digestion and respiratory functions

Content: 30 ml

Made in New Zealand

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