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Digestive Health

The longer toxins remain in our system, the greater the possibility of damage to our health. Regular removal of waste material from the body is the key to maintaining good digestive health!

bifimax excellent

Supporting good digestive and immune health with 30 billion* probiotic cultures in a multi-strain formula

Bowel troubles and allergic reactions disrupt our days and affect our lives.

LB-30 is an enhanced formula of BifiMax, with 5 specific probiotic strains in each dose, giving it a far more superior and targeted effect in helping to balance our immune system and encouraging digestive health.

Its powder form and tasty yoghurt-flavour makes it easy for consumption for the young and old.

Suitable for vegetarians.^

Supplies good bacteria for improved gut health
Promotes healthy digestion and smooth bowel movements
Helps to relieve allergic reactions
Supports a well-balanced immune system
Strengthens body's natural resistance and improves overall health

Content: 30 sticks

*Delivers a minimum of 30 billion active probiotics at the time of manufacture.
^Product contains live probiotics bacteria.

Made in Taiwan

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