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Circulatory Health

Good circulatory health is of great importance to our overall well-being. Regular exercise and proper nutrition keep your circulatory system in top condition. Supplements can provide nutrients to keep the circulatory system going smoothly and ensure that you stay strong and healthy!


High DHA support for optimal brain and visual performance

We all face stresses and challenges on an ongoing basis that takes a toll on the brain. Juggling between long hours at work and taking care of the family can get mentally exhausting.

ProDHA provides a high concentration of 800mg DHA and 200mg EPA in each serving to provide nourishment for our brain.

It uses fish oil in Triglyceride form, which is highly absorbable by the body and went through a 3-times molecular distillation purification process to remove impurities and heavy metals as well as maximising DHA concentration.

Supports brain health and mental performance
Helps improve concentration, memory and children's learning abilities
Provides nourishment to pregnant mothers
Supports vision clarity
Supports heart and circulatory health

Content: 60 softgels

Made in USA

Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association

Super EPA 2000
super epa 2000

Fish Oil molecularly-distilled twice for best circulatory support and mental performance

EPA and DHA are essential Omega-3 fatty acids that our body cannot synthesise and need to be consumed from our diet. The best sources for EPA and DHA are deep-ocean fatty fish, unfortunately, we do not consume them daily. Super EPA 2000 combines high concentrations of EPA and DHA within a single softgel to fulfill your daily requirements.

Maintain circulatory health
Help reduce triglycerides*
Maintain visual functions
Improve mental dexterity and concentration

Content: 30 softgels

*As published in PDR for Nutritional Supplements, Medical Economics Company, Inc., Montvale, NJ, 2001, Pg 136-139, 141-143.

Made in USA

Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association


Supporting circulatory health with premium Natto goodness

Natto is a popular food consumed by the Japanese and has gained a reputation as a folk remedy to maintain a healthy circulation. CardioZyme contains the special enzymes from Natto --- Nattokinase, that hold the secret to a strong circulatory system.

Support healthy circulatory system
Activate important metabolic enzyme activities and vitamins

Content: 30 sachets

Made in Japan

PhosChol 565
phoschol 565

Premium brain food with pure Phosphatidylcholine

Phosphatidylcholine is an important component of cell membranes and supports nerve cell functions. A nutrient recognised for its benefits in maintaining liver health and brain functions, phosphatidylcholine also regulates the cholesterol in the body, ensuring a healthy circulatory system. PhosChol 565 is the premium nutrient for optimal health maintenance.

Enhance concentration (US patent number: 4221784)
Support liver health through the proper removal of wastes from your body
    (US patent number: 5284835)
Reduce fatigue (US patent number: 4626527)
Support sensory abilities, particularly smell and taste
    (US patent number: 5001117)

Content: 30 and 60 softgels

Made in USA

Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association

Borage Seed Oil / Black Currant Seed Oil
borage seed oil

Pure and potent source of Omega 6 for healthy circulation and better skin

Borage Seed Oil and Black Currant Seed Oil are rich and natural sources of GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid). These Omega-6 fatty acids cannot be synthesized by the body. While most people consume GLA from Evening Primrose Oil, Borage Seed Oil and Black Currant Seed Oil contain twice to three times the concentration of GLA, compared to Evening Primrose Oil.

Supports body's natural resistance
Maintain healthy circulation in the body
Relieve discomfort during women's monthly cycles or menopause
Promote better skin, hair and nail conditions

Content: 60 softgels

Borage Seed Oil
Made in New Zealand

Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association

Black Currant Seed Oil
Made in USA

Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association

Red Yeast Rice Plus
phoschol 565

A traditional and natural remedy for cholesterol management

Usage of Red Yeast Rice has been documented in Chinese herbology & Traditional Chinese Medicine, ranging as far back as the ancient Tang Dynasty in China in 800 AD. It is mentioned in the traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia, Ben Cao Gang Mu to have a (warming nature), invigorating the blood and improving blood circulation.

Each Red Yeast Rice Plus capsule contains 600mg of Red Yeast Rice, supporting healthy blood lipids levels and as a natural solution to circulatory health.

Stronger control over cholesterol levels
Helps lower total blood lipids levels
Enhances circulatory health; invigorates blood circulation
Strengthens stomach and spleen for improved digestion

Content: 60 capsules

Made in Taiwan

Certified Halal by Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Associate

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