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The Enterprise Network Programme Plus (ENP+) is an enhanced 2-in-1 plan combining the Pairing Bonus of Global R4+ Plan and existing Enterprise Network Programme (ENP) to allow members to enjoy the benefits of both plans.

Unique Characteristics of ENP+:

Our business model offers you high returns with no risk
  No front-loading criteria. Anyone can start up a business by joining us as a Business Associate (BA).
Global reach, International Sponsoring Scheme
  Limitless opportunity for development across countries by using the privilege of the ranking.
Fair, equal promotion opportunity
  No demotion after obtaining promotion. Capable and diligent individuals have the potential to reap more rewards.
Everlasting business
  Your business network can be inherited by succeeding generations.

For more information, you may via EXS to access the ENP+ Handbook under the ‘Distributor’s Resources’ tab.